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Mylar® rPET Range

The Mylar® rPET heat sealable film range can be used across most food packaging requirements including: chilled, frozen, fresh fruit and produce, meat and poultry, seafood, ready meals and snacks.

Close up photo of Wrapid's Mylar® Heat Sealable Film Range

A breakthrough in the ‘war on plastic’. The heat sealable films:

  • Have up to 50% PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) content.
  • Utilise rPET flake in the DuPont Teijin Depolymerisation process which is sourced from European deposit return schemes.
  • Provide a carbon footprint saving of approx.. 1.4kg for every kg of virgin PET

Through science, people and communities, DuPont Teijin strive to constantly improve and innovate more sustainable ways of contributing.

  • Up to 50% PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) content
  • Multi Award-winning LuxCR Depolymerisation process enabling food contact compliance and opening up raw material streams not suitable for mechanical recycling
  • Carbon footprint saving of approximately 1.4kgs for every 1kg of virgin PET replaced
  • Heat sealable film solutions available for pre-made bags, horizontal and vertical FFS and top seal lidding


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Close up photo of Wrapid's Mylar® Heat Sealable Film Range

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