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Learn more about our accreditations and why they matter.

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)

As a film packaging company that uses paper and card as some of its primary materials, we are proud and committed to being FSC certified. The FSC, or the 'Forest Stewardship Council,' are a dedicated, international non-profit that ensures the wood and paper used by companies across the globe is sourced from forests that meet their exceptionally strict environmental standards. With these standards enforced throughout the entire 'chain of custody,' and all wood is inspected and certified at every stage and every piece of wood and paper sourced from an FSC certified forest can be easily traced back to its original source. This level of scrutiny guarantees a product that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable for companies and consumers alike. All of our products here at Wrapid 8 hold the 'tick tree' logo that openly demonstrates our long term commitment to sustainable and responsible forestry that goes right down to protecting the indigenous peoples.

GCA (Greeting Card Association)

The GCA, also known as the Greeting Card Association, champion and promote innovation and development in the greeting card industry. Established in 1919, the GCA is a non-profit organisation owned by its members, both greeting card publishers and associate retail members alike, that work tirelessly behind the scenes of the industry to consistently offer support and resources to all companies, corporate or independent. As a member, employees at Wrapid 8 have access to GCA meetings and seminars and online resources, and the company as a whole has the opportunity to get involved in events across the nation, such as Festive Friday that launches the festive sending season on the last Friday of November each year. These events and ongoing interaction throughout the industry help to boost and invigorate the greeting card sector, and our involvement encourages growth and visibility for not only ourselves but also other companies across the United Kingdom.

Sedex (The Supplier Ethical Data Exchange)

Sedex is a global, non-profit organisation with 15 years of experience devoted to helping businesses access and utilise ethical supply chains. As important as the FSC is to promote responsible and sustainable practices in forestry, Sedex offers support across supply chains and implements tools and networks that encourage and maintain the use of ethical sources in the industry. Keeping both workers in the supply chains and our company protected, Sedex is an industry-accepted aid for safeguarding ethical and responsible supply chains. With Sedex, we at Wrapid 8 are able to better manage our environmental and social impact as a Film Packaging company by connecting seamlessly with other companies, protecting everyone at every level in our supply chains and constantly staying up to date with the latest information in ethical production, so you as a consumer can always be confident in the quality of our products and services compared to other film packaging companies.