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Wrapid has been producing high quality polypropylene bags, popularly known as cello bags, for over 25 years largely for the Greetings Card and Textile Industry using a special process where two types of polypropylene film are used.

Taking Plain high gloss and clarity Oriented film as the front, we then make the back from Cast polypropylene. These polypropylene greeting card bags provide the ultimate combination of a scratch free face that enhances the colours and design with a higher slip back of the bag which allows faster packing and very strong seals reducing card damage wastage during packing.

With our wide range of bag machines, we are able to offer print to register, Euro slot, self seal bags, header and many more combinations to suit our customers needs. All the films used in Wrapid's bag manufacture are fully recyclable through local council recycling refuse collection networks. Our usual turnaround is within 7 working days to destinations within mainland UK. We also manufacture the increasingly popular wallet bags (also known as jacket bags) demanded by the supermarkets.

Product enhancement with hot-foil printed cello bags is becoming increasingly popular as a way to make the cards stand out even more on the shelves. We offer the popular colours and are flexible in turning around your bespoke print designs that complement your card designs.

Wrapid produces the highest quality and widest range (in terms of size and film thickness) of cello polypropylene bags available for your cards to look their best for longer.

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James Skirrow on 01274 220265 or solutions@wrapid.co.uk.