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Total Wrapping Service

Since the beginning of 2000 Wrapid has provided a unique service to our Greetings Card customers. From a purpose built factory in Bradford, with it's own dedicated team, we finish and pack at high speed over 150 million Greetings Cards every year. The latest specially designed and built card wrapping machines enable us to offer a service where we can take cards directly from the publishers and return them with a short lead time fully sealed in a box for them individually wrap and if required multi-pack, label / box, ready for distribution to their customers.

All of your requirements for multi-pack and unique point-of-sale labelling are catered for by our highly skilled and experienced team to administer all of these details without a problem. With the wide range of card wrap equipment we are able to offer any style of packaging to the highest possible standards to give the hand bagged look without the hassle.

Labelling is always accurately positioned, so that at point of display the cards always look their best. As part of our offer we can provide the complete service to the publisher, from producing the individual bar code labels, to outer boxes and as required colour matched envelopes, saving time and money for our customers.