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Mylar® Laminate Lidding Films

We believe in being able to offer the customer the convenience of supply of complementary lidding films to suit other packaging applications where the preference is a non-polyester film, either because the dual-ovenable properties are not required or different sealing or barrier properties are needed.

Often seen in value range ready meals are the polypropylene trays for microwave-only cooking. The perfect partner for such a proposition is a suitable laminate from Wrapid. This gives good clarity and sealing properties and is well suited to this type of application.

The steady expansion of convenience food is now seeing the introducion of prepared meals including full portions of meat and poultry presented in aluminium trays for ovenable cooking. Presentation of the meal appearance is essential and all efforts are being made to minimise the board sleeve covering the food. Clarity of film and excellent sealing characteristics are thus critical on these higher-end convenience meals. Wrapid now offer an excellent solution for this growing meal variant and can offer supply with the same levels of support and reliability as per the range of Mylar® polyester films.

Film development is now allowing much greater barrier properties from lidding films with multiple-layers and including an EVOH layer. These advanced films maintian product freshness whilst optimising shelf-life and offer excellent product presentation.

Please contact our sales team for further information on our laminate films range. info@wrapid.co.uk.