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Polyester Mylar® Films

Wrapid, in conjunction with DuPont Teijin Films, offers the broadest portfolio of Mylar® polyester lidding film and boasts unrivalled technological industry knowledge. Product and process innovation are key drivers for the business, and by working to understand our customers, the markets in which they operate and industry supply chains, Wrapid will continue to develop and deliver improvements in their flexible packaging service offering.

What is Mylar Polyester Film?

Polyester film is arguably one of the most versatile innovations of the last 60 years with an ever-expanding repertoire of applications beyond only ready meal lidding. Mylar is one of the most widely recognised and utilised polyester films, thanks to its excellent adhesion, balanced tensile properties, superior chemical and moisture resistance, and ability to withstand high temperatures of up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Almost everywhere you look, something based on polyester film touches our lives.

DuPont Teijin Films are continually pushing the boundaries of science, inventing and developing new uses for their brands of PET and PEN polyester film. Sustainable packaging demands can now be fully satisfied with the PET range of Mylar® polyester lidding films.

Mylar polyester films are perfect for high volume production and provide consistent industrial performance results, even where costs are limited.

Recent studies have shown that 54% of people would not rebuy a ready meal if the lidding film sharded when opening the hot meal. DuPont Teijin has worked extensively on developing the base film mechanical properties to reduce the tendencies of sharding.

Mylar® film will give reliable and repeatable peel strengths for both hot and cold foods. The anti-fog coating option on the Mylar® range optimises the presentation of the chilled and frozen food without any detrimental “fogginess”. Class-leading film clarity and transparency further adds to the meal presentation of:

• Chilled meals

• Frozen meals

• Meat and poultry

• Fresh fruit and produce

• Seafood

How are Mylar Polyester Films different from other polyester films or regular plastic films?

Mylar is one of the most popular and dependable plastic films, and as a result, the word “Mylar” is often used to refer to any plastic film. However, there are several ways in which Mylar differs from other plastic films. The Mylar brand is a registered trademark and protects the intellectual property of Dupont Tejjin Films concerning a specific family of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) film products. Generally, these products can be referred to as a polyester film.

On the other hand, the term ‘plastic film’ is a general term which applies to any polymer material which is made into a film-like material. Only Mylar brand film can ensure the specific qualities associated with the brand. So it is essential that you fully understand the material you require for your product and purchase from a reputable retailer. We can help you determine which Mylar product is right for you, and you can contact our knowledgeable team to discuss your requirements today.

What types of Mylar Polyester Film sheets are there?

• Anti-static

• Metallised

• Adhesion treated

• Barrier coated

What finishes of Mylar Polyester Film Sheets are available?

• Clear

• White

• Low, Moderate to High Haze

• Black

What thickness of Mylar Polyester Film Sheets are available?

From .0005″ or 12 um to .014″ or 350 um

Which Mylar Polyester Film is right for your product?

When you contact our team, we can advise you fully on the most suitable Mylar Polyester film for your needs and budget. However, the information below can give you some guidance as to what you might need. For more detailed information, please visit the comprehensive PDF for the product you are interested in, or get in touch with us to discuss.

The Mylar OL Film Family

Films in the Mylar OL Polyester film family seal to CPET, APET, PVC, paper, aluminium foil and to itself. The films can be used in both conventional ovens and microwaves, and feature peelable seals with sound aroma barrier. The full strength of the seal is achieved around one hour after sealing, and typical seal conditions are 180°C/80psi/1 second. Specific seals in the OL family are available with a pre-treatment of Anti-Fog ((OLAF, OL12AF, OL13AF) and some seals in the family are available Corona treatment (OLT, OLAFT, OL2T, OL12T, OL13T).

Seals from the OL film family are typically used for tray lidding for ready meals, as well as sealing salads and other fresh produce. Mylar OL films are consistent and reliable.

Mylar OL

• Smooth peel.
• Available with Anti-Fog (AF)
• Available with Corona treatment (T).
• Self-venting allowing steam release during cooking.
• Peels when both cold and hot.

Mylar OL2

• Firm peel
• Self-venting allowing steam release during cooking
• Peels well when hot, but can often tear when cold
• Available with Corona treatment (T).

Mylar OL12

• Strong, resistant-peel
• Available with Anti-Fog (AF)
• Available with Corona treatment (T).
• Seals exceptionally through contamination
• Weld seal when cold but peels when hot
• Can be used in ‘balanced pressure’ autoclave for pasteurisation

Mylar OL13

Performs exceptionally on ridged trays by filling gaps

• Available with Anti-Fog (AF)
• A thick layer of coating allowing it to seal to rough surfaces
• Available with Corona treatment (T).

The Mylar 850 Film Family

Seals in the Mylar 850 film family seal to APET, CPET, PVC, APET, Paper, Aluminium foil and themselves. They are a group of non-peeling seals giving them excellent aroma barrier and odour control. These films seal well through contamination, superb Hot Tak, and can be used in ‘balanced pressure’ autoclave for pasteurisation. Mylar 850 films can be used in both microwaves and conventional ovens with typical seal conditions of 180°C/80psi/1 second. Tray lidding for ready meals

The Mylar 850 family seals are typically used for flow wrapping ovenable and highly aromatic products such as air fresheners, as well as for backing for blister products.

Mylar 850

Non-peeling polyester weld which seals before and after cooking

• Very high strength seal.
• Good clarity.
• Excellent performance in contamination.

Mylar 850AF

• A permanent seal.
• This seal is suitable for seal environments that are contaminated.
• Comes with Anti-Fog pre-treatment.

Mylar 852

• This is the same as the 850 detailed above but is slip-treated.
• It can improve your line speeds as a result of its increased handleability.
• This is the film we would recommend for metallised sealable applications

Mylar D853

• This is also a permanent seal with superior handleability.
• This seal is chemically pre-treated for improved ink adhesion.

For expert advice on the best Mylar product for you, please get in touch with us today.