As one of the leading factories in Bradford, Wrapid is an exciting company with a global reach

Wrapid has a world-class reputation for excellence and we are the leading distributor and stockist of the films we sell. We are a growing and dynamic company to work for and we are always seeking like-minded people to join us.

Our commitment to you

At Wrapid, we recognise that people are at the heart of what makes our business successful, and we are always on the lookout for new talent to join our team.

With over 40 years of experience, we know how to take care of our staff. Wrapid is a big believer in investing in people, and we provide numerous opportunities for training and career development across all areas of our business.

If you join us at Wrapid, you can be assured that we will help you to develop both personally and professionally in a stimulating environment.

Working at Wrapid

As a global distributor across many industries, a day at Wrapid is often varied, consistently challenging, but ultimately always rewarding. We are a people-focused business, and our staff enjoy coming to work and working as a team.

At Wrapid, we offer mentoring, training and progression to all our staff. We develop achievable pathways for our employees, and we ensure everyone feels valued for their work.

Environmental Responsibility

Wrapid is at an exciting point in its history, as we pioneer the revolution to ethical and environmental packaging choices. With everyone, not just big corporations, having to make more responsible choices when it comes to packaging waste, we are proud to be one of the companies leading the change.

We are dedicated to the responsible use of plastic through all stages of its life, from design, production and storage, to delivery and recycling.

Minimising the impact on our planet is a key driver in the greeting card industry. Wrapid has strived continuously to reduce our own impact through carefully managed segregation of waste streams to both recover value and minimise landfill and incineration.

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and operating in a more sustainable manner, and it is our priority to encourage our customers, suppliers and associates to do the same. This is fundamental to our business strategy and operating methods.

Our company’s approach to corporate and social responsibility demands constant research and product development to ensure the minimisation of both our carbon footprint and the use of single-use plastic. The key is to find the balance between maintaining commercial and performance benefits to food processing and retail sectors, whilst also helping to save our planet for future generations. We at Wrapid take this commitment very seriously and are proud that similarly, environmentally-minded businesses are embracing our innovative solutions to the problem of plastic waste.

Our responsibility has been further extended and recognised through our FSC Chain of Custody Certification for our paper products. Responsible and sustainable approaches to the planet’s valuable forestry assets are more important now than ever and Wrapid are pleased to be supporting the FSC’s valuable efforts.

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