BOPET (biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate) is building a reputation for being the clean alternative to Polyolefins especially in the packaging industry.  PET can be easily recycled, whilst Polyolefins can only be reprocessed to ‘dirty’ oil and diesel.

When assessing the environmental credentials of any product it is important to consider the impact of the material’s production, the benefits it brings during it’s life span and then the end of life options. BOPET films offer significant benefits to the wider packaging industry in terms of resource usage, pack performance and the ability to incorporate recycled content back into food packaging.

Richard Smith, Sales Manager of Wrapid Sealant Films said, “PET is now a real and viable alternative. It’s properties are reliable and performance robust. We at Wrapid urge other like minded businesses to promote the use of PET in the food processing and packaging industry.”